The mattress for longlasting hygienic, fresh, and healthy sleeping comfort

Exceptionally equipped!

Purest is a quality brand for high-tech mattresses where both the tick as well as the underlying layer of comfort offer the sleeper a unique active and permanent hygiene protectionas well as an ultimate sense of comfort.


Purest halts the growth of bacteria and fungi that are the main cause of unpleasant smells in your sleep comfort.


Purest guarantees a striking moisture
extraction and an accelerated spread of moisture to a larger area of the mattress.


Purest offers protection against dust mites and micro-organisms and creates an environment in which they cannot develop.

What makes this mattress so unique?

Purest is developed from durable and environmentally friendly technologies consisting of an ultra fine coating that permanently protects the surface of the fibre of the tick and the comfort layer. The microclimate is maintained during each royal sleep for permanent pleasantness! Unique in Europe is the fact that the mattress is not chemically treated to offer its unique benefits.

I can't believe how much better I'm sleeping thanks to the Purest mattress. I don't wake up feeling damp like I used to for more than 5 years. And thank you for the amazing service!

Veronique Maes

The Purest


Velda, Recor Bedding and Van Landschoot are the initiators of the Purest sleeping comfort. Together they have invested in better sleeping comfort for you. A unique initiative, where aspects of competition made way for healthy cooperation. And the result is a healthy sleeping comfort!